10 Worst Construction Accidents In History

If you thought that constructors have easy jobs and do everything by the pattern, here are 10 worst construction accidents in history to prove you wrong.

Being a construction worker isn’t an easy business. It isn’t enough to know how to draw sketches, it is also important to know how to handle all the licenses and the safety rules so the building you are working on would be both safe and functional. Unfortunately, construction accidents are frequent and most of them are caused by the negligence of the construction workers themselves, especially nowadays.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Due dates are there for reason. There is a line that you shouldn’t cross and the appearance of some building or a bridge isn’t enough. Have you ever noticed how many old buildings are around you? And although installations are old, the construction by itself still stands like it was finished yesterday. But I can’t tell that for any building or a bridge built in the last decade. People are lead by money and their only goal is to finish everything on time to get the rest of the money from the new owner. The problem occurs while the construction is tested. And it is likely that they would crash if they weren’t built properly.

For example, bridges have to be light enough so they wouldn’t sink into the ground because of all the sound waves and the pressure, but strong enough to hold all the pressure and survive all the walking passengers and cars and trucks.

As for buildings, they have to be steady enough because many people will go through them. The concrete has to be done properly and it should be completely dry before you even think about taking it further. But, before that, you obviously need to examine the ground because you don’t want your building, especially if it is meant to be high, to lean on the side or sink in any way.

If you are building something new, it isn’t such a bad idea to consult some colleagues or have a team of experts in order to have some professional feedbacks and suggestions. After all, you can end up carrying too many lives on your chest. This is exactly what happened in the accidents that I am about to present to you. In most cases, inspection revealed that it was the mistake of construction workers themselves and this definitely wasn’t something that you planned when you started your career. So let’s check out 10 worst construction accidents in the world.

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