10 Worst Countries in Europe for Human Trafficking

Have you ever wondered about the worst countries in Europe for human trafficking? If so, follow us and read Insider Monkey’s latest article about this topic. Although slavery was banned long ago, but it still exists under another name: human trafficking. It was thrilling for me to read this article, but very edifying!

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While there are international mechanisms to combat human trafficking and with the promotion of human rights globally, there is a higher recognition of the issue as such, failure of some countries to prioritize change of legislation and to resort to all means available in order to protect better its citizens has resulted in these 10 worst countries for human trafficking scope.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three of the worst countries in Europe for human trafficking from their list.

Latvia has continually been categorized as Tier 2 country. Latvia is a source country for men, women, and children who are victims of forced labor and sexual exploitation. Women and girls from Latvia are especially vulnerable to sex trafficking in Latvia as well as abroad. Latvian women are often recruited for mediated marriages in countries of Western Europe, where they experience domestic servitude, forced labor, and sexual exploitation. Ukraine is currently in Tier 2 category; however, it was on Tier 2 Watchlist for four years before that. The reports suggest that since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the number of victims of human trafficking has decreased, which explains its Tier 2 ranking. However, the conflict resulted in an increased number of displaced persons, which are particularly vulnerable to human trafficking. The UN notes that there are more human trafficking victims of forced labor than sexual exploitation. Furthermore, Ukraine is a source country for victims trafficked to Russia. For the past two years, Macedonia, the next one on our list of worst countries in Europe for human trafficking has been categorized as Tier 2, before which it was continually grouped with Tier 1 countries. This is a reason for concern. The refugee crisis probably influenced such result. As the US report notes, migrants, refugees, unaccompanied women, and minors are susceptible to being trafficked. Furthermore, Macedonia has a serious difficulty tackling the issue of sex trafficking of Roma children, who are also subject to forced begging

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 10 worst countries in Europe for human trafficking


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