10 Worst Medical Specialties with Highest Malpractice Rates

This post should be especially important for high school students and their parents because, if you are looking forward to working in a medical field, you need to know what 10 worst medical specialties with highest malpractice rates are.

No one wants to be sued, especially people who are doing their job right. But although doctors are people who are saving thousands of lives on the annual basis, medical professionalists are one of 10 specialists that get sued the most.

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Although they spend their whole day trying to heal and save someone’s life, physicians struggle every day with unsatisfied patients and their families. People see them as miracle workers and, even though some people show the potential of immediate healing, sometimes they don’t make it until the next morning. Yes, doctors should fix people, but they can’t afford the eternal life to anyone. But it seems that families who lost their loved ones disagree. Even though they are not familiar with the medicine, they believe that their loved ones could have survived only if their physician was more careful and better. The thing is, doctors are people too and it is completely normal that they make a mistake. The problem is that their slightest mistake could cost someone’s life. But sometimes it doesn’t. But how can you explain this to the family who just lost a parent, a child, a spouse? They need someone to blame for their death and, unfortunately, their first target is most usually the person who gave their best to save their life.

And what if they are proved to be wrong? What then? The physician already has a file in the court and, if someone presses charges again, guess who would get a double penalty? This way, not just both demandant and physician lost their money for the court taxes, but there is also a chance that this physician could lose the license or the word would spread too fast so they could never practice medicine again because no one would hire them. So yes, one life was lost and couldn’t be brought back, but other would be destroyed as well. Something that people just don’t get is that physician also feel guilt and pain when they lose someone on the table. It is not just the loss of the family. It is also the loss of the surgeon. They spend so many hours hoping that their surgery went well, but, at the end, they have to clear their thought, take a deep breath, and call the time.

In order to avoid this, take a look at 10 worst medical specialties with the highest malpractice rates.

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