10 Worst States For Human Trafficking In America

So what are the 10 worst countries for human trafficking in America? We have brought Insider Monkey’s latest article, as usual. Unfortunately, human trafficking can be found everywhere across the globe. You can’t find even one country which isn’t involved in this terrible, modern slavery. People are used as objects, they are exploited and sold like a piece of paper.

I think nobody believes that human trafficking is only confined to the third world, or poor countries. Even in the Untied States there are lots of cases, and what is really distressing is that there are many unreported cases, when the victims aren’t missed by anyone. Or they simple disappear in the middle of shanty towns because they are sold by their own families. These families many times have too many children and they can’t bring them up. So they sell one of their kids (or more) in order to get some money to live on. These kids then end up in rich men’s bedrooms or what is even more likely in their cellars, where they have to face with selected tortures until they die. One of the these victims managed to escape somehow, and what she told about her former life, exceeds even the worst nightmares. She had to eat her own fecal matter, if her slave-holders wanted to. Or there are women who are also sold by their husband just because they get bored of living with these women. They are sold for a couple of bucks, and are deprived of their personal documents, human rights and later on – their lives, too.

Fortunately there are organizations that deal with searching the victims, helping them to escape and giving them secret shelters where they can be rehabilitated. These people then try to fit in the society again, which is a large challange for them. I think they will never be able to believe anybody again, or often quite to the contrary: they are trapped again by a similar trafficker because of Stockholm syndrome.

If you out there witness that somebody is in trouble, human trafficked or kidnapped, there are the appropriate authoirities you can notify without giving your name. No-one should leave any victims behind.

And now, let’s see the list of the 10worst states for human trafficking in America.


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10. Mississippi

There were a total of 148 human trafficking cases reported in MS in 2019. This may not sound like a large number but the total population of Mississippi is slightly less than 3 million. Mississippi has the tenth highest human trafficking rate in the country (1 out of every 20,000 people in Mississippi), which is a significant cause of concern for the state.

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9. Missouri

In Missouri there were 234 cases in 2019 which is a large number.

8. Washington

Washington seems to be a very clean city, but as a matter of fact there were lots of cases in this state in 2019 too. There were 272 reported cases, actually.

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7. Michigan

There happen lots of cases in the streets of this state, too.

6. Nevada

There were 239 cases reported in Nevada in 2019, but telling you truth for sure that there were much more cases than this small amount.

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5. Texas

Texas is a city that generally on lists like this. Gambling, drugs, human trafficking are everyday things in this state.

4. Ohio

Ohio got the fourth place here now, as there were around 400 cases in 2019.

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3. Georgia

Georgia had around 400 cases in 2019, but probably it had more than this number, since large number of cases are not reported.

2. California

California follows Georgia on our sad list realted to human trafficking, it’s on the second spot this year. So you had better take care of yourself if you live in this state.

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1. Florida

Surprisingly, Florida is the state, that hits the top on list of the 10 worst human trafficking states in America, as there were exactly 896 cases here in 2019.

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