11 American Cities Where You Don’t Need a Car to Live in

If you were intrigued by the headline, you will be more excited to know that none of these 11 American cities where you don’t need a car to live in isn’t undeveloped. It will surprise you to find out that the most of them are among the greatest and biggest cities in America.

In some parts of the world, having a car and a license are essential things. Some families, especially American families have more than one car sitting in front of the garage, one for going to work and a van for driving kids to school or a daycare.

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Having a car can be great, especially during the winter or holidays. But the problem with cars is that, first of all, the pollution. Car developers are making a lot of efforts to make the as much eco-friendly car as they can, but not everyone can afford this type of car. In a meantime, the air gets more and more polluted, the ozone layer gets more damaged, and the global warming is approaching with the great speed.

The other disadvantage of the car is that, when you live in some big city, where having a car is considered to be the essential need, it is more likely that you will always be late somewhere because you will be stuck in a traffic.

And one more important thing is that people get used to going everywhere with cars that they start lacking exercise and walking. This increases the obesity rate and affects the health problems to people.

But not every resident in the America considers getting a license as soon as they are old enough to drive. There are cities in America where people are used to walking, exercising, and riding a bike. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there are no four-wheels anywhere around, but they are not so frequent in the streets.

To compile this list, the researchers borrowed the database of the website called the Walk Score. Its database is very unique and, no matter which place on the planet you type in, it shows you the exact walk, bike, and transit score for that place.  The higher the score, the better ranked the place is.

Personally, I was surprised to find out that Washington D.C. had good score enough to find its place on this list. I always considered it the place like Manhattan, where you are afraid to cross the street because of the crazy traffic. But it turns out that people living in Washington D.C. will rather walk to their destination that to start a car.

To see the rest of the list, click on 11 American cities where you don’t need a car to live in.

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