11 Beautiful Modern Piano Songs to Learn

Keep reading about beautiful modern piano songs to learn. Do you play the piano? How long ago did you start it? If you like modern songs, not just classical ones, now we recommend an article for you. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find the great answers for the question, which modern songs you should try to play. Piano is a musical instrument about which we can say it’s evergreen. Lots of people want to study to play piano when they are young. Playing on it is romantic, isn’t it?

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As for me I played the bassoon when I was younger, and I was regarded to be talented. The only problem was that I started it too late. Nowadays if somebody is gifted in music, he/she must begin learning it at a very young age, about at the age of five. Luckily playing some music just for fun is not related to any certain age. So, sit down to your piano and choose a song!

We have picked four songs from Insider Monkey’s list for now. The first one is Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton. This song became Vanessa’s signature song, although that was never on her mind when she started composing it, considering she was only 17. It topped some American and Australian, and UK charts and quickly became worldwide popular. The next one is Speechless by Lady Gaga. Although Lady Gaga is a provocative pop figure, the song Speechless is strongly influenced by rock and blues vibe, and was also said to have been strongly influenced by Queen. This great compound of 70s rock and modern pop attracts an audience from both sides of music specter, so give it a try if you’d like to learn some beautiful modern piano songs. The third one is When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. Since it was released in 2013, this song gained a great success, being among Billboard‘s Hot 100 singles chart that year and topping many charts worldwide. The last one is My Immprtal by Evanescence.  Since 2003 (included in Fallen album, though previously released in 2000) when the song was released, the intro and theme melody played on the piano have become one of the most famous melodies of heavier music genre. Since release, it has received many positive critics and has topped many music charts.

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