11 Best Cities To Live For People With Asthma

Asthma is a serious disease and one of the things that affect it the most are the climate changes, which is why people with asthma should consider moving to any of 11 best cities to live for people with asthma where they won’t experience that drastic climate changes nor any other asthma attack trigger.

As a kid, I was always sick. My mom brought me from doctor to doctor until, at the end, they diagnosed me with children’s asthma. It was a real bomb for my whole family and myself. My mom used to stay up all night just to make sure I continue breathing and I used to have panic attacks whether I am going to wake up the next morning or not.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Luckily for me, the children’s asthma in most cases stops once the puberty starts. Recently, my child’s doctor told me that girls have the issues with children’s asthma until the puberty, but boys get rid of it by the age of 7.

But not everyone is that lucky. Some people are diagnosed with a much serious variety of asthma that they need to live until they are dead. Some of them manage to adapt themselves and have normal lives, ignoring all the triggers that used to make them have attacks before, but there are the ones that need to have their medications always with themselves because the slightest change can end up devastating for them.

According to the Global Asthma Network, there are over 330 million people living with asthma nowadays. This means that over 330 million people each day risk their lives by simply living. Yes, unbelievable as it seems. Each climate change, each improper medication (there are many medications that can’t be used by people with asthma), and even each breath can lead to death. Why did I say medications? Asthma causes the swelling of airways after what the person starts choking since there is not enough air coming to the lungs. But many medications can cause this swelling as well, but it doesn’t represent any problems to other people because their airways aren’t initially narrowed.

People who appreciate their lives always look for the best ways to stay alive, which is why they try out traditional medications to slow down these symptoms and move to other places that are more suitable for people with this kind of condition. And these are 11 best cities to live for people with asthma.

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