11 Best Comedy Podcasts on iTunes

Which are 11 best comedy podcasts on iTunes? There are a lot of different types of podcasts, and you’re always sure to be able to find one that fits your niche. Podcasts are the new radio except radio was never really that cool, and podcasts are pretty cool.

I know the podcast as a form for a very long time, but I never tried to deepen it, and I started to actually follow some podcast to follow until it was in the latest update on iPhone, the podcast became a separate application. Podcasts are digital audio or video files that anyone can record if they wish, and then you listen to them or watch it online. It somewhat awakened my curiosity to start flipping the podcasts that were there and registering for those who were interesting to me. Now, at the same time, I also discovered the first search engine for marketing podcast marketing, which Jay founded Bear, author of the excellent book “utility marketing.” That’s where I started to find the podcasts of people I’ve already tracked on the Internet and whose content I have mostly consumed on their blogs. I initially listened to the podcasts while I was sitting down and I immediately realized that it allowed me to do some other things while listening to an episode, for example, to reply to emails or Facebook messages and the like. Then I went to listen to the podcasts exclusively from my mobile phone, and in fact I only realized at that time how much power actually lies in the podcast as a form, and why more people use them in the USA than in Europe or anywhere else, and in the USA they use podcast more than the twitter that, you will agree, is much more popular. The podcast is much popular in the USA than for example twitter. Why is the podcast so good? The podcast is the only way to consume content that allows multitasking. You can listen to the podcast while driving a car, which would be impossible by reading a blog or watching videos. You can listen to a podcast while you are in the gym while you are saving a house, walking a dog, ironing, or while performing any other tedious obligation to have. Do you know which are the best comedy podcasts on iTunes? One of the best comedy podcasts on iTunes is Welcome to Night Vale. This is a radio show written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor that gives community reports twice a month about a small, fictional town called Night Vale. Another one that has t be on this list is A Prairie Home Companion: News from Lake Wobegon. With this podcast, you can enjoy classic tales of strong women, good-looking men, and above average children. Did you ever hear for The Nerdist?Considering the high ratings on iTunes, it’s clear people love Chris Hardwick. On iTunes, he talks about a variety of topics with his friends Jonah Ray and Matt Mira.

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