11 Best Crime Documentaries on Amazon Prime Instant

Hey you all crime documentaries lovers, use your Amazon Prime account to the top and explore the 11 best crime documentaries on Amazon Prime Instant instantly!

We live in the time where the crime occurs behind every corner. There are murders, rapes, and thefts all around us and, although all of these things are really happening in our surroundings and make us a bit more aware of all danger around us, we don’t really happen to understand completely how these things can affect our lives.

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For some people, watching the crime documentaries means becoming more informed about the outcomes of some event, while, for others, this kind of documentaries only mean entertainment. The one has to wonder in what kind of deranged society we live in if find these documentaries entertaining and fun.

Although someone would say that the next statement is contradictory, I don’t care. I really enjoy watching crime documentaries. But not because of all the sickness that can be seen, but because the true documentaries, that collect the real facts such as police evidence, attestation, or the witnessing of members of the police department that were involved in the case, as well as the experts such as psychiatrists, can really open your eyes.

These are the things that can happen to all of us. Sometimes, people are just innocent victims that just found themselves in a middle of someone else’s battle. Other times, the closest family members of the victims are guilty. The outcome is rather unpredictable in many cases and it is fascinating how the experienced inspectors connect things that are not always that obvious to other people.

Luckily for all of us, we are living in a cyber-world where there are billions of information available to us in just a few clicks, such as crime documentaries.

So how to find the best crime documentary to watch? Of course, all tastes are different. What fits for one person can make the other person sick and vice versa. So how to decide which crime documentaries to put on the list?

How else but by taking the opinion of the majority. So, for this one, Insider Monkey took several other sites that were working on the list articles and took the ones that were mentioned the most. After that, the IMDb was a lot of help with their rankings and reviews. After that, the final list was ready to be published and here is the result: 11 best crime documentaries on Amazon Prime Instant. Enjoy!

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