11 Best Inexpensive Bourbons Under $25 That Don’t Taste Cheap

If you like bourbon but you are interested in inexpensive ones, come with us and read Inside Monkey’s latest article about 11 best inexpensive bourbons under $25 that don’t taste cheap! Bourbon is regarded to be one of the most popular spirits. Honey and caramel notes are given to bourbon and it’s aged in oak barrels. Creating of the very first bourbon is wrapped in mystery we don’t know any exact facts about it. We can read a version in which Elijah Craig, a distiller from Bourbon county, in the end of the 18th century, decided to burn inside of the oak barrels, and finally he got a completely different product.

Producing bourbon has strict, regulated and controlled rules nowadays, and it has to be produced in the United States so that whiskey could be called bourbon. Accordin to the Congress bourbon is “America’s Native Spirit”. Its production has specific process such as it contains at least 51% corn, and other components are  rye, malted barley. Then it is aged in charred American white oak barrels, and are bottled at minimum 40% ABV. Due to these procedure bourbon outstands among whiskeys. As for me, I much prefer bourbon to whiskey – but I really don’t consume alcohol regularly.

Now we have learnt a lot about producing bourbon, here is an arrestin fact: despite the strict rules of production, there are no exact ways how to consume it. Here, on Insider Monkey’s list you can find great bourbons, many of them are good for all occasions, and for every wallet. They can be consumed neat or in a cocktail. Also they can be great gifts as well.

Now, don’t hesitate and come with to a tasty bourbon journey and read the list of 11 best inexpensive bourbons under $25 that don’t taste cheap.



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11. Old Weller Antique 107 ( Buffalo Trace Distillery) – Price $24

Old Weller Antique has a great reputation, with its taste: strong vanilla, sweet fruit, therefore we can say it’s really worth the money.

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10. Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon Straight Whiskey (Buffalo Trace Distillery) – Price $24

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Bourbon is produced in limited quantity. It has the notes of mint, vanilla and molasses. It has already won many awards, and it’s absolutely no wonder. If you taste it, you will know why.

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9. Evan Williams SIB (Heaven Hill Distillery) – Price $24

Evan Williams Single Barrel is a unique product of the Heaven Hill Distillery. It has the notes of sweet oak, charred wood, and dark caramel. It’s inexpensive but has a great flavor. It’s worth buying and tasting it!

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8. Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon (Wild Turkey Distillery) – Price $20

Wild Turkey 101 bourbon has spicy and sweet flavors, so it is suitable for coctails as well. Otherwise it’s not really for beginners since it sometimes can be too hot when being drunk.

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7. Old Forester 86 (Old Forester Distillery)- Price $ 20

Old Foster 86 is rich rye and you can feel the taste of fruity notes as well as vanilla and oak. It’s a definitely good bargain if you choose this one, and what’s more, this was the first one to be sold in sealed glass bottles. You can drink it either in coctails or neat – you will love it!

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6. Four Roses Yellow Label Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (Four Roses Distillery) – Price $19

Four Roses Yellow Label bourbon is excellent to consume, and easy to like. It has a floral aroma with the notes of pear and apple. All this got to this bourbon the 6th place on the list of the 11 best inexpensive bourbons under $25 that don’t taste cheap.


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5. Maker’s Mark (Maker’s Mark Distillery) – Price $19

You will get real value for your money, so you won’t regret buying it. It deserved its place on our list.


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4. Fighting Cock Bourbon ( Heavens Hill Distillery) – Price $16

If you once try it, you will forget that cheap price means necessarily low quality. One thing is sure: you will get quality for it’s price, Fighting Cock bourbon is preferred by all bourbon lover people.


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3. Old Grand Dad (Jim Beam Distillery) – Price $13

If you taste it, you can feel the notes of cinnamon, brown sugar, and rye. Old Grand Dad is pretty spicy, refreshing and light. If you like bourbon, but you haven’t tried it, you shouldn’t hestitate!


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2. Evan Williams Black Label (Heaven Hill Distillery) – Price $11

Evan Williams Black Label is the second one on our list now, and also  the second largest selling Kentucky bourbon in the United States. It has notes of vanilla, caramel, and a bit of nutmeg and dark fruit. You can drink it coctails as well.

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1. Jim Beam (Jim Beam Distillery) – Price $10

This bourbon is the best selling one and is suitable for any occasions. We need hardly introduce you the Beam family, and it’s recipe hasn’t changed for 200 years. If you taste it, you can find the notes of vanilla, a touch of rye and caramel.

Here you could see the 11 best inexpensive bourbons under $25 that don’t taste cheapWhich one did you like?

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