11 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World in 2017

What were 11 best intelligence agencies in the world in 2017?

Some people say that spying is the second oldest job. To be honest, I am really scared of our kind. The oldest job is the prostitution and spying is the second oldest. It means that we are grown from all the immoral standards and now, we want to stop it all. After how many millennials? And we have so many laws to provide it from happening. Well, we are raised with them. So, there is no comeback.


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But, spying has its qualities and, especially after movies about James Bond and Spy Kids. As a child, after every new Spy Kids movie released, I would always take my backpack and put every small item I would find in my room because who knows what kind of special powers it had. I remember one metal lighter that didn’t work for years. Truth to be told, I realized it was a lighter two years ago when I found it again after that many years.

But when it comes to spying, it can be a really creepy thing. I am especially paranoid when it comes to it. Whenever I start seeing a new boy, I always paid a lot of attention about what I did when we were alone and always turned all the way around because I always assumed that there was some small camera hidden around the house and that I might even go viral. And everyone asked why I stayed with him if I didn’t trust him. But it wasn’t just one guy. I always have that unrealistic alarm in my head that says: ‘Watch it, it isn’t the same when you date someone’. Do I need to say how many relationships fall apart because of my paranoia?

But intelligence agencies have a different purpose. They are working on more important issues than secret filming. They are working on more relevant conspiracy theories that are affecting not just cities and one nation, but sometimes even countries on a global level.
It isn’t a secret that there were many spies during each war and it is no wonder why so many of them are appreciated that much. No country wants to risk its position and its people by others. While the US and Korea are in the opened conflict and just wait for the second some of them is going to attack, many other countries have plans just in case they have to pick sides or attack some other country for its own good.

Let’s see the 11 best intelligence agencies in the world in 2017.

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