11 Best Men’s Designer Suits Brands For The Money

What are the best men’s designer suits brands for the money? Insider Monkey recently published an article about this topic giving us some very useful tips.  Even though more and more companies are abandoning requirements that their male employees wear suits, a good suit is still a mandatory item in every man’s wardrobe. Aside from some events that still require men to wear a suit and tie, the reality is that it’s very difficult for a man to look better than when wearing a suit.

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So while the question of whether or not to own a suit may not be up for debate, there’s still a decision to be made when it comes to what suit to buy. There are several factors to take into account. First, there is your income, which will affect how much suit you can buy for your money, as there are many expensive suit brands. For example, an Italian-made Brioni, which is preferred by President Donald Trump (despite his “buy American” calls), can set you back at least $6,000. A suit from a cheaper, but still expensive brand like Gucci comes with a price tag of around $2,000. A Hugo Boss suit, which is probably among the best bang-for-your-buck suits, can cost under $1,000.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three brands from their list. The first brand is Nautica. The price range is $80 – $100. Nautica is a mid-range to high-end brand founded by designer David Chu in 1983 and currently owned by VF Corp.  The company makes mostly sporty-styled clothes, which could be one of the reasons why its suits are made from synthetic materials like polyester and viscose, with some wool also present. The suits come in classic designs, but their quality is a bit low, according to reviews.

The next brand is Andrew Fezza, the price range is $82 – $160. Andrew Fezza, the designer behind the clothing brand of the same name, is sometimes called the “Giorgio Armani of America”. However, the brand’s connection to that iconic luxury brand pretty much ends there. Its suits are often labeled as “junk” suits made to be worn on rare occasions. Andrew Fezza suits are made from a blend of polyester and rayon. Bruno Piattelli (price range: $70 – $180) is the brand of tailored clothing made by luxury department store chain Barneys. It was famous in the 1960’s, as it became well-known for making suits for NASA and the Italian Olympic team, among others. The suits come with a “Made in Italy” label and are made from 100% wool. The brand also has some high-end suits made from cashmere and virgin wool. However, even more expensive suits can be found at bargain prices at outlets.

For any further interesting information read Insider Monkey’s article about 11 best men’s designer suits brands for the money


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