11 Best Music Documentaries on Amazon Prime

Renew your subscription and watch 11 best music documentaries on Amazon Prime.

When you think about it, how many of you have ever said that you don’t care about celebrities? Those are their lives and they do not care about yours, so why would you care about theirs? But, you still secretly read about their lives in newspapers and click on links posted on Facebook about their achievements, lives, marriages, even kids. Of course, a majority of us don’t share this with anyone. And you shouldn’t. Who cares, others do it too so they are not the ones to judge.


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But music documentaries on Amazon Prime that we are talking about are not related to those things that we read about every day in the newspaper. These documentaries are about those artists’ achievements. About their goals. About the beginning of their careers.  About their motivation.

The only problem about these documentaries is related to bad influences they could have on children. Some of the music documentaries are talking about great music stars, the legends, whose music is being listened even today. But no matter how great and sensitive their music is, some of those artists always worked under the influence of either alcohol or drugs. They always said how those substances affected them to think wider. How they allowed them to turn their brains off their everyday life and just fly away to their own island, where they could meet their thoughts and feelings and that’s how their masterpieces were created.

The best music comes from a heart. The best art comes from looking deeply into our souls. How many great artists of today and even from a few centuries ago worked under the influence of some, today, illegal substances? A few centuries ago, those were wine and opium. Today, those are shots, scotch, cocaine, heroin, and other stuff that are ordinary people being arrested for. Unfortunately, as soon as some younger people try starting their music career, they usually start the path of those people. They start drinking and using drugs and, before they know it, they stop concentrating on music and become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

But that isn’t a point of these best documentaries on Amazon Prime. The point is the one that I mentioned at the beginning of this post. About the beginning of their careers, influences they had, people who supported them, and their inspiration.
So let’s keep our minds opened and watch 11 best music documentaries on Amazon Prime.

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