11 Best Music Making Apps for Android in 2017

Would you like to read about best music apps for Android in 2017? Now, you are at the right place as Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find the great answers for this question. Good old times when we used our cellphones for only calling each other! Nowadays we use our phones for lots of things: we listen to music, radio, play games, make video calls, use social media. Now a phone not only is a phone, but a CD player, a camera and many other. What do you use your phone for?

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As for me, I listen to music, use social media, I have a “half” office on my phone and make calls. I hardly ever play on the phone. But the best earphones are very appealing to me, too. People use their earphones very often. When they go to the park, go to work, travel somewhere, or when they want to watch a video and they don’t want to disturb the others. To decide what to buy, at first we need to know what sound quality is. This term refers to the characteristics of sound which are allowing the ear to distinguish sounds that have the same pitch and loudness. Now, without a further ado let’s what Insider Monkey has investigated for us! We have picked three items from their list.

We’re starting out our list with the Electro Drum Pad. This is an app that allows users to simply create music by tapping colorful pads. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro feeling like having some fun, this app is fit for you. The app also comes with melodies you can guide yourself with, various samples, and loads of sounds. You can also play around with a drum machine with the help of your fingers, although if you won’t be able to use the mouse the second day, you can’t blame the app. The tool allows users to record the music they created and to share it to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Google+.

Next up on our list of the best music making apps for Android in 2017, we have the DJ Dubstep Music Maker Pad. If you’re a fan of dubstep, then this is certainly the app for you. The interface is extremely easy to figure out and to work with as you have the pads that the name mention, and a bunch of features on the right side, allowing you to echo your creation, add low pass or high pass filters, fiddle with the volume and more. You can also add samples and change between them, as well as to record your creation. Some users complain that it’s full of ads and that you need to install Instagram in order to play.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 11 best music apps for Android in 2017.


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