11 Best New York Neighborhoods to Live in with Families and Kids 

If you are planning a family and live in New York or you are looking forward to moving there, here are 11 best New York neighborhoods to live in with families and kids.

New York is best known as the city that never sleeps. There are people on every step- on the streets, sidewalks, coffee shops, in their famous ‘’yellow cabs’’ at any time of day and night. The events are scheduled from morning to the late night and there are clubs everywhere. Whenever you look, there are full parks, tall streets, billboards, cars, crowd, pets, basically, everything you can imagine, you can see in New York.  Besides being that fun, there is also a high rank of criminal activities in the city which makes you think if this town is the safe place to raise your children.

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Most of the children don’t make the difference between the strangers who want to do something nice for them, for example, give them a cookie in the coffee shop because they are crying and the one that only wants to lure them. That’s why is letting a child go out alone every parent’s nightmare. There were many cases of child’s kidnapping in the middle of a day few feet’s from their parents without anyone noticing something.

But, believe it or not, there are the parts of New York completely safe and even recommended for parents with children. They have good schools and educational institutions that are every parent’s dream. Besides the cultural legacy and the safety, parents should also take in concern the expenses of the living and the public transport because you don’t want to go from the Queens to Manhattan and back with changing 3 subways  and 4 taxis in order to reach your destination, while pulling your kid behind with all the bags and his stuff.

As parents, you want your child’s surrounding to be safe and kid-friendly, so you want to avoid neighborhoods with high crime rates and also want to pick the ones with the best schools for your kids.

That is why you really need to think everything through when picking the right house for you and your family. It doesn’t mean that everything that is expensive is good and it doesn’t mean that everything which is far away from the center is bad. Keep that in mind and see the 11 best New York neighborhoods to live in with families and kids our research team found.

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