11 Best Places to Visit in the USA Without A Car

The real wealth of the USA is the natural areas on its territory, so what are the best places to visit in the USA a car? Driving is expensive, especially when you’re on a trip, and you have to get gas because of traffic and long drive times constantly.

What about spending the autumn in New York? Oh yes. So many movies that start with a scene of magnificent golden canopies in Central Park, but not just the famous New York beautiful during this seasons, there are a few cities that can help you as well. The countries of North America can boast of enchanting beauty, as well as the famous world metropolis, which in addition to modern architecture has managed to preserve the authentic old couple of hundred years, giving these cities a unique charm, as well as significant natural resources. National parks cover several thousand square kilometers, and the cities themselves also have an excellent number of large, beautiful parks that look fairly in the autumn. All those destinations that are overcrowded in the summer, you can experience in an entirely different light during fall. The American Wild West, the most beautiful parts of California and the queen of the south of Georgia, offers a fun entertainment program and numerous festivals in September, October, and November. San Francisco, for hippies and hipsters, as well as El Pueblo De Nuestra Senora La Reina De Los Angeles or shortened LA, a city of fun to learn Spanish excellently. If nothing adrenaline rises to you like a chance to earn a quick profit and an even greater chance of losing money quickly, there’s also Las Vegas. If you liked Nirvana and adorned Kurt Cobain’s posters everywhere on your teenage days, then perhaps it’s an excellent opportunity to visit Seattle, the world’s largest capital. If you find yourself there, be kind, so remember Jimmy Hendrix, who also is Seattle’s birthplace.Have you ever thought about traveling through America, not by car or airplane or train, but walking through all America? It would be an amazing experience. One of the best places to visit in the USA without a car is Eugene. People in Eugene are strong supporters of green living, and if you share that mentality, you’ll fit in great here. For a west coast adventure that’s like New York City’s counterpart, head to San Francisco. San Francisco is a great place to walk around and see the city.

If you want to see what are the best places to visit in the USA without a car, check Insider’s Monkey list of 11 Best Places to Visit in the USA Without A Car and find out more about this interesting article.

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