11 Best Places To Visit in USA with Toddlers

Having a small child that you want to take a vacation with but have no clue where to go? There are 11 best places to visit in USA with toddlers that will take their breath away and give you some time to relax.

I have a little boy who is only two. Whoever says that having a small child is easy, either has no children or had someone else who took care of him.


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Everyone around me that already has grown children says that it is the easiest to take care of them when you are young. As soon as they are old enough to get out of the house by themselves, the problems start. The only thing that I can agree with now is that the easiest time I had with him was while he couldn’t crow. I knew that I will find him wherever I put him in the first place and that the only things that he needed when he cried were to be changed, fed or given something to drink. That’s all. Now, I am struggling each morning when he wakes up because he is getting up before me and refuses to wake me up so that he could do whatever he wanted while I sleep. This means that, after I am ready for bed at night, I have to take everything from the room except for toys and a plastic glass of water and lock the door. Otherwise, he will climb on a chair or go out to the bathroom to wash or open the fridge or just take snacks before the breakfast.
And going out can be a disaster as well. He wants to see and touch everything. He stops every once in a while even where we are not allowed. Sometimes, just simply going to the store takes forever. And when we enter the store, he can’t decide what he wants. And sometimes, he sees stores as playgrounds and starts running around clueless and hiding from me. Luckily for me, he doesn’t like to break things or take groceries that we don’t need. But imagine me with that active child on some vacation. Especially given the fact that I am a single mother that doesn’t seem to be very organized. Either way, I need to find a place that will entertain him the most, not me that would be safe at the same time.

If you have the same problem as I do, here are 11 best places to visit in USA with toddlers.

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