11 Best Places To Visit In USA Without a Car

Just because you don’t own a driver’s license or don’t own your own vehicle, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t the best places to visit in USA without a car and enjoy it.

Depending on the country, as soon as a person reaches a certain age, like some unwritten rule, their parent’s immediately give them money to go and start their car lessons.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Let’s face it, car isn’t only a luxury. It is also a need. Although I am already 23, I don’t have a driver’s license. I always thought that I don’t really need one and I have some other things that are more important to finish than giving away that amount of money. I didn’t own my own car. My mum bought one, but she goes everywhere with it, which means that I wouldn’t have a turn ever. Besides, I would hate taking her car. I would always be more scared not to crash it and I never had enough money to buy a car on my own.

Now, when I have a job and a child, I realized how important that driver’s license was. First of all, I couldn’t go anywhere when my child was younger than 6 months. I could only take my purse that was heavier than ever, with his diapers, bottles, a thermos with hot water for his formula, wet napkins, clothes for changing, toys, and my personal stuff. Besides that, there was he, who was very heavy since his birth. So, the only places I could go with him was my friend’s house, which was 5 minutes away. But further destinations were available only when my husband or anyone else from my family was around.

Nowadays, the situation hasn’t changed. I can’t even go to the store properly because I can’t bring home by myself all the goods I need.

But the thing that bugs me the most is holidays. Since I don’t own a license, I couldn’t go anywhere outside the city I live in without anyone driving me around. And even when my husband and I decide to go somewhere together, that can’t be somewhere far away because he is the only driver in the car. And, of course, we wouldn’t risk our lives, especially because of a child. Luckily, there are always places to visit without having neither a car or a license. If you have planned on traveling somewhere in the USA, here are 11 best places to visit in USA without a car.

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