11 Best Political Documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube

Enjoying watching documentaries? Here are 11 best political documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and YouTube that you need to see.

Not being interested in a general political situation is a mistake. I know that the majority of people believe that there is nothing to be changed by them and that everything is going to stay the way it is even if they make some move, that isn’t the truth. When one person decides to change something on the political scene, it doesn’t give results. But when more people follow him, that is the thing. That gives results and that is changing things.


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Personally, I enjoy documentaries rather than watching television. Today, the media got crazy and very manipulative. They don’t really write about the real situation. They are only writing about the things that are allowed to them and checked by politicians or their assistants. Nowadays, most of the things we know are the things that they told that we can know and nothing else about it. The only time we can learn something more specific and secret about them and their acts is at least one decade after they are dead. And we are not that kind of monsters to wait for someone to drop dead, right? At least, we can learn about people who are already gone. Or people from the government who were exposed or went to prison. They are trashed all the time and no one is scared about publishing bad things about them because, who is there to threaten them?
Documentaries are especially great because they are using different sources, images, videos and witnesses and experts when they are filmed. Most of the things are the black on white and there usually are no mistakes. Of course, the documentary industry is like any other movie making industry. There are also people who are just filming those movies for publicity and money. Or the ones that are supporting some leadership and want to show it at their best. That’s why, even with political documentaries, you need to be very careful when picking who and what you are going to believe.

That’s why Insider Monkey’s staff decided to do that instead of you. They looked through all the relevant websites, went through reviews, and researched people who made a movie and people who assisted and participated in making a movie to create the list of 11 best political documentaries on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and YouTube for you to watch.

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