11 Best Productivity Tools for Teachers

As potential school worker in the future, I am very interested in discovering the best productivity tools for teachers.

Teaching isn’t an easy job. It isn’t only yelling at kids to be quiet and making them learn the lections that are written in the book. It is actually making them really understand the subject and making people from them.


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Despite the world-spread opinion, parents aren’t the only ones in charge of children’s raising. It actually is the whole society and, besides parents and the closest relatives, there are teachers who have the biggest influence. Since children are spending more than 4 hours per a day in schools, teacher’s job is to work with them not just around the lines regarding their subject but teach them about life as well. Let’s be real, who needs quant physics if you are unable to figure out how to live on your own?

But let’s get back to the best productivity tools for teachers. Giving them the right written material to study at home doesn’t make them really understand it. Let’s be real, we can all find different books about different areas and read about them but, in that case, who needs teachers?
Each student is individual and each generation has different ways of memorizing, which is why the teacher’s job is to create new ways to get those materials closer to them. Some children are visual types so the perfect way to learn for them is to watch for different materials. Those could be different drawings, pictures, videos or some crafts that students could make in their homes or in the class with your help which is great for both students that are visual and practical types.
On the other hand, there are kids that can’t learn anything important by just reading the raw material. Instead, they need you to talk to them and explain everything slowly so that you can get the subject closer to them.
The biggest problem each teacher faces is that one class contains at least one student from each of these groups. So how to get your subject closer to everyone and help them learn everything that is on the list for that semester? If you still haven’t found your own system, why don’t you try some of these 11 best productivity tools for teachers that Insider Monkey dug out?

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