11 Best Science Documentaries on YouTube

Interested in science? Here are 11 best science documentaries on YouTube to watch.

Many of you have hated science in school. It was too hard, had too many formulas, but we all know your reaction when the practical part came. There is nothing more impressive than scientific experiments, even if it was just the good old volcano.


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Throughout the years, people became more and more creative regarding the science and even skeptic people who skipped classes in school enjoyed watching those videos and trying those experiments in their homes. I don’t know if you remember that experiment that was very popular few years ago. It included a glass, a fork, and a toothpick. Miraculously, the fork stood by just holding on a toothpick and it was one of the most amazing things in that moment.

As an adult, I started enjoying science documentaries even more. I don’t know if it came with age or with wider knowledge., or maybe even those two combined, but I could spend hours and hours in front of my computer, staring at the screen and taking all information in. It is really amazing how things that are unrelated to the first sight can become so good together. How combining those two can make something amazing.

I know that many of you find documentaries boring. It is just talking without any actual action and more black and white videos. But those black and white videos, that are not even that frequent, are the part of a history. Those are the ones that should be seen rather than people jumping off the roof. And even failures count. Each failure brought people to new discoveries. The point is in never giving up.

Have you ever watched the death of a man who tried to design the first flying suit? It was a spectacle. Hundreds of people gathered around to witness this discovery and see the final results. Unfortunately, the man stood too high and his suit wasn’t well designed so he remained dead at the spot. But it leads to people realizing where the mistake was made and, after they calculated everything better, they managed to create a suit that will be useful. Now, people can fly. They can jump from the plane and land safely. At least in science, the old saying is right: everything happens for a reason.

Now, here are 11 best science documentaries on YouTube to check out when you have time.

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