11 Best Smartphones For Music Lovers

Let’s find out more about 11 best smartphones for music lovers.

A decade after we started buying mobile phones so that we could contact people even if we weren’t at home and be available to others no matter where we are, mobile phones manufacturers started competing against each other which one will launch the better device with more feature. So then, we (customers) started getting better phones for the more reasonable price.


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We started by getting mobile phones with color display which might be enough if we didn’t get mobile phones with cameras and the Internet a bit later. Like this war wasn’t enough, mobile phones manufacturers replaced sending pictures and sounds via multimedia messages with infrared and later on Bluetooth. Of course, the mobile industry can’t leave us unsurprised every once in a while, so, nowadays phone has great cameras, touch pads and touch displays, fingerprint scan, greater memory and ram, cool apps, and even better sound.

Of course, a decision which smartphone to buy is based on the feature you prefer the most. Today, we are going to talk about smartphones for music lovers.
Even though people usually prefer smartphones with greater memory or camera, the sound quality is also very important today. Every once in a while we all like to lose it up, put our headphones, turn the favorite music on, and forget the rest of the world. As a student, I always carried my headphones around and I always had spare ones in my apartment, just in case. I couldn’t learn anything in silence, but it was always too loud in my house to focus. So, if there were no headphones, I believe I would have to drop not just college, but high school as well. And I am not the only one. Many people have trouble concentrating when they are in silence and their smartphones happen to be very helpful in this matter.

For example, how many people have you met jogging without their headphones? And how many people having home-gyms do you know that don’t have their smartphones with them every time they enter a gym?

This year, Insider Monkey’s staff managed to create the list of best smartphones for music lovers based on a lot of research and reviews from the several websites. Personally, I was a bit surprised by the final pick, but, since that isn’t someone’s personal opinion, but the researched report, it seems that there are no lies. So here are 11 best smartphones for music lovers.

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