11 Best Therapy Dog Breeds For Autistic Children

We are all aware of dogs being great therapists and companions to the people through sickness. Each breed is specialized in something and these are 11 best therapy dog breeds for autistic children.

I had a dog for 8 years. No matter how rude she knew to be, at the end, she was my only comfort when times were hard. Whenever I had an issue so bad that I wanted to cry, she would always come to me, started sniffing me and putting her head on my knees until I started petting her. Not more than 2 minutes later, my problems would always be gone. Although she couldn’t save me from anything since she was very small dog breed, I always felt safe and covered when she was around. Like no one could come near me. Like no one could hurt me.


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Because of their temper, dogs are taken in many hospitals worldwide at least once a month to spend some time with patients, especially the dead ones. Many scientific researches proved how much their presence improved people’s health and sometimes even prolonged people’s lives.

Dogs are also great with children and I would recommend every parent to get their child a puppy. I remember when my little boy hurt himself for the first time. He was scared to death. He didn’t know what just happened and he couldn’t stop crying. I didn’t know what to do until she came in front of him. She sniffed him and he started laughing. She also never let them fall from the bed, never let him be awake alone. But even more important, how many videos have you seen where dog saved some child’s life?

One in 68 children is affected by autism. This number is particularly high among boys. 1 in 42 is affected by autism. Among all countries in the world, Japan seems to be on the top of the countries affected by autism.

Children with autism are slower than their peers. It is interesting that they usually have some talent, usually for painting and drawing. They tend to create their own world and isolate themselves from the society in general. On the other hand, there are dogs that are too friendly and don’t waste their time. They are always around a child and, after a while, a child with autism starts noticing someone else’s presence. They start opening themselves and start socializing with others.

Of course, all dog breeds are great. But which are the best? Click on 11 best therapy dog  breeds for autistic children to read.

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