11 Best UFO Documentaries on YouTube

Interested in aliens and UFOs? Then you should definitely see these 11 best UFO documentaries on YouTube.

Do aliens exist? This is the question that is waiting for its answer for a long, long time. But when will the time come, where we will have the proven and touchable facts of their existence or non-existence?


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There are several studies that proved that the life on other planets is possible. But let’s think about something else for a change. The scientist only cared to test if life was possible for human beings. But, if aliens really exist, do they really need everything that we do to survive? They might not need the Oxygen. They might don’t need water. They might be in danger if being exposed to the Sun. Has any of it ever occur to you?

Nevertheless, no man in this world managed to prove whether there are other creatures living on other planets or not, but many of them have their theories and stories to tell regarding this topic. Who knows, maybe some of them are true. But who can tell based on a one-man story?

There are theories and even proofs that, far away in a desert, in Area 51, aliens are living with people. There are pictures found online, but still, the military keeps it as a secret.

But there is one thing happening all the time, that people can only explain with a theory that aliens are walking among humans. Not that rare, UFOs are seen in the sky, even in a middle of the day. And not in desert places. They are flying above people’s houses, above capital cities, and there was one seen above the highway. And those are not just empty stories. Many people managed to take their smartphones and cameras on time and capture this.

Some of those UFOs look like the ones we can see on cartoons, like plates with legs. But there are also the ones that aren’t really clearly seen, but the way they move… It is extraordinary. They are just floating around in the sky and just when you think that’s all it has, it disappears in a nanosecond. And even if those are not aliens, but some savvy messing around with us, you must admit that this is really unexpected and astonishing.
But who is behind all of that? Or maybe those are just object from the cosmos? See for yourselves in Insider Monkey’s article 11 best UFO documentaries on YouTube.

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