11 Biggest Churches in America

Interested in finding what 11 biggest churches in America are? You are at the right place.

Atheists are all around us. They don’t believe in anything that requires faith. They are skeptical about religion. But yet, more and more churches are rising each day and more and more people enter it.



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With the fake number of atheists on a rise, bigger churches pop up. Some of them are old ones that enjoy more respect than the new ones. Today, we are going to talk about 11 biggest churches in America. Since America is compiled of more than 50 separate states, it is completely natural that a number of churches in America is rather higher than in some other countries. The number of religious people is also rising each day as well as the number of people visiting churches.

I only know statistics, but since I am not a religious person that goes to the church all the time, I really don’t know how does it all look like in practice. I went a couple of times this year and it was only because of the wedding ceremonies that I have attended. To be honest, I couldn’t stay long, so I went out and scrolled social networks and called home to talk to my child because I didn’t bring him along to chase a bride and a groom a whole day like I had to. The thing that I noticed and was really surprised with, since all the talking that I heard during the last couple of years was that, besides us who were following those two lovebirds everywhere, no one on the side came.

But we are not talking about the place I live in since it has nothing to do with America. When Insider Monkey took this research into their hands, they took a look at statistics provided by Outreach to find out about a number of attendees on a weekly basis. Apparently, unlike place where I live, people from America really go to church on Sunday. I thought that were only movies.  According to those numbers, they ranked 11 biggest churches in America.

If you are interested in finding out which church has the most attendees on a weekly basis, which pastor is there, where and when the church was founded, follow the next link: 11 biggest churches in America.

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