11 Companies with Headquarters in Orlando

According to many researches, Orlando is one of the most developed industrial cities in America, which is why today i want to take a look at 11 companies with headquarters in Orlando.

Orlando was just a regular American city until the 1980’s when the Walt Disney World Resort appeared in it. This contributed to Orlando being one of the biggest and the busiest touristic destinations in India, with the average number of visitor per a year of over 50 million. This also contributed to Orlando becoming a center of every innovative brainchild that, at the end, contributed to both economic and touristic growth.

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As the industrial center, Orlando is a creed of more than 150 companies in various sectors, such as real estate, banking, entertainment, restaurants, and did you even know that one of the major companies with headquarter in Orlando is Boeing Co? I did not.

Since there are over 150 companies and we are currently looking only for 11, the list was compiled by bringing up 6 public companies and 5 private ones that deserved to compete for ranking on the list because of their quick growth, good management, and their size.

Public companies that were mentioned here were Darden Restaurants, Inc, that owns over 1,500 restaurants all over the US and Canada and employed over 150,000 people and recorded the total income of $6.93 at the end of the fiscal year 2016.
There is also a timeshare company called Hilton Grand Vacations Inc that owns 46 resorts with around 7,500 units, where more than 250,000 members enjoy their vacation during the year. One spot below is another timeshare company called Marriot Vacations Worldwide Corp, but if you are not that of a vacancy club person, there is the SeaWorld Entertainment Inc that operates theme parks, including zoological and water theme parks. Besides these four, there are two more diners mentioned as the part of the list of 11 companies with headquarter in Orlando.

To see the full list and get the closer insight into the reason we chose these 11 out of all 150, click on the 11 companies with headquarters in Orlando and find it out!

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