11 Cool Stuff To Buy In Japan

Japan, the land of the emerging sun, where you can buy a plenty of amazing and cool stuff. The thought of Japan gives birth to each of us through a series of associations. It is a land of emerging sun, developed technologies, valuable and disciplined people, wonderful cuisine, distinct traditions, and customs. It is also the earth with the highest earthquake in the world, authentic martial arts, the land of geysers and samurai, and at the same time the country of robots and the most reliable cars.

The ideal time to visit Japan is certainly springtime, because at that point cherry blossoms, so the whole country is in pink. Whether tourists visit the Emperor’s Palace, the Fuji Mountains, or turn around, the modern parts of Tokyo, all will amaze the magnificent landscaping of the country, as well as the particular tradition. According to most world magazines, Tokyo is among the top ten places to live. Although the Japanese past is very rich in events and a fascinating history, today’s Japan is also fascinating with high technology and beautiful architecture, which still maintains the tradition of this country. Whether you want to experience food you have not tasted before or want to go shopping in one of the world’s top shopping areas. One of the coolest things that you can buy in Japan is comic book or Manga. Japanese comic books or Manga are hugely popular in the West, and shops like Kinokuniya and Mandarake have overflowing libraries. Another one is an umbrella. We are talking about the traditional style Japanese paper umbrellas or their new inventive umbrellas that look like lettuce or even a necktie. The moment you go near a shop in Japan, you are likely to encounter a Maneki neko doll. This is the beckoning cat doll that has become synonymous with Japanese iconography. Japan is an archipelago consisting of 3,000 islands, and as much as 70% of the territory is made up of mountains with more than 200 volcanoes. It is one of the world’s largest powers with over 130 million inhabitants. Archaeological discoveries testify that Japan was settled 50,000 years ago, during the earlier Stone Age, and that during the Ice Age it was connected to the mainland of Asia. Tokyo offers its visitors a seemingly unlimited choice of shopping streets and centers, as well as entertainment venues. Tokyo has a handful of museums, temples and Japanese gardens that will delight you with its beauty and antiquity.

If you want to see what cool stuff you can buy in Japan, check Insider’s Monkey list of 11 Cool Stuff To Buy In Japan and find out more about this topic.

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