11 Countries With The Worst Modern Music In The World

As the famous Hungarian composer, Zoltán Kodály said, ‘we can live without music after all. As there are roads in the desert, too. But why should we go there, if we can walk through blooming gardens as well?’ But if we can hear music we don’t like, this saying is not true. For this time we will speak about 11 countries with the worst modern music in the world. 

Most people love listening to music, when they drive, cook, or clean the house, or just when they are in the gym.  Music can express lots of things, feelings and it can motivate us, or to the contrary it can depress us. Music can be some kind of communication between people. Music can bind people but it can separate us as well. There are lots of rituals related to music, such as rain dance or Gregorian tunes, or wedding music. What is sure that music is one of the most important part of our life.

But there are some countries, where music sounds strange for foreigners’ ears. Sometimes it is because of the lack of talent, and sometimes the circumstances of the country. Insider Monkey have investigated that if a country has serious problems, such as lack of human rights, literacy, poverty, population issue, quality music can’t be produced. But of course we mustn’t forget about that tastes are different, so what we like in our country, foreigners can find it odd or bad.

This topic may be very interesting for everyone, since we always read about top hits, and the best songs ever, but have you ever read a unique list like this? What do you think about modern music of these countries? We, at Stocktalk Review have checked out many of them, and we did like some of them, while we really didn’t the other. Now, without a further ado, let’s see Insider Monkey’s great list together!


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11. South Korea

The first country on our list now is South Korea with its K-pop. Not too many people feel it sounds great. What is your opinion about it? If you have never listened to K-pop it may a good chance to.

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10. Spain

Almost all of us can agree the Spanish langauge is melodic and magic, and songs sound wonderfully in this language. But nowadays Spanish musicians seem not to be able to compose great hits.

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9. Russia

Russian composers have been world-wide famous and popular, and this language also sounds pleasant, but in the last few years we can’t find any unforgettable hits among their songs.

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8. Japan

Sounding of the Japanese language is very extraordinary for the biggest part of the world, so it’s not surprising that their msic is not arresting for many.

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7. China

Modern music in China is pretty much the same as in Japan. For our ears Chinese music can be very strange or can sound bad. What is your opinion about it?

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6. Vietnam

I can’t remember if I have ever heard a Vietnamese song, but as for me I am not sure if Vietnamese songs are so bad, but their popularity is pretty low, so… What do you think?

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5. Philippines

What do you know about Filipino music? Insider Monkey have investigated that Filipino music depends on mimicry a lot. Perhaps that is the reason why it is on this list. Reading the list I really must search a Filipino song.

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4. Greece

As for me,  Greece is my favourite country.  I love everything about it, their meals, culture, philosophy and arts. And of course their music. But the modern Greek music seems not to be that popular nowadays. Do you know why?

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3. Sri Lanka

Music in Sri Lanka origins from their religion and folk rituals, which can be weird to the foreigners, we think it can be the reason of its low popularity. Do you agree?

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2. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has got the second place on our list. Its music contains traditional and Western tunes as well, but telling the truth it is not very popular in other parts of the world. As for me, I was curious about their music, so I have listened to some, but I must confess they are not so bad. Do you agree with me?

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1. North Korea

And now, we have got to the first place on our list, and it may not be a surprise for you, but the number one is North Korea. North Korea has won the first prize of the 11 countries with the worst modern music in the worldBut imagine, North Korea has a Death Metal Band. We, at Stocktalk Review, can’t conceive what kind of metal it can be, but it does exist!

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Now we have reached to the end of this list, which has made us listen to some unknown music, but we can tell you this journey was really arresting! Which were the countries whose music you know? Did you like it?

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