11 Easiest Card Tricks To Learn in the World

Let’s have some fun with 11 easiest card tricks to learn in the world.

Card tricks are as old as card games. Sometimes, everything is not just about winning or losing. Sometimes, it is about magic. Or at least tricks, because we are not wizards or any mythical creature.

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To do a card trick, all you need to have is a deck of cards or at least some modified deck of cards you can buy in almost every shop in the world. According to the card trick masters, there are three stages you need to pass before you go out and show off: discovery, practice, and mastery, in that exact order. You can find different tricks online or buy a book of card tricks in shops. Then, you need to train your fingers and hands. You need to be quick enough, so the person you are showing the trick won’t be able to figure out what you were doing. Some tricks require taking a card from the deck, and some of them just require positioning it right.

One of the easiest that I have ever seen when I was a child was finding the card I picked from the deck. This kind of tricks is the most frequent, but there are several ways you can fool someone. The one that I saw required splitting the deck into two different decks but the trick was in putting all the red cards on one deck and the black ones in the second. Without other people noticing it, of course. After that, you can even turn your head when the person is picking a card and putting in a different deck (this is the must-do) and all you need to do is to take decks and see which card doesn’t match the deck. But try not showing the whole deck to others when you show them their initial card because you will be busted immediately.

This was the trick that I was too impressed with at the beginning but soon everyone knew about it so there was no point in showing it off in the crowd. And face it, even the child can come up with this one. But the question is, which trick could you use in order to impress the crowd without becoming boring as soon as you pull out cards? And which ones don’t require spending the entire year or more in mastering it? Because let’s be real: you have a life and there is no point of missing it because of this. To find the easiest ones, check out the list of 11 easiest card tricks to learn in the world.

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