11 Easiest Card Tricks to Learn in The World

So what are the easiest card tricks to learn in the world? It is always a good thing to make card tricks which we can entertain our friends at a party. As for me when I was a kid, I studied some tricks that I was glad to show everyone then. Now Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting tips about this topic. These tricks are always amazing and handy, and you can practice or show them everywhere. The only thing you need a deck of cards (sometimes they are modified ones, of course.

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According to specialists mastering magic tricks consists of three stages: discovery, practice (and more practice) and mastery. If you want to practice you should train your fingers and hand movements in order to do them in the right way and make it look like real magic. You should keep the important advice: never do the tricks unless you have mastered them. In order to master the tricks you need to repeat them many times until your movements are smooth and fast. Also confidence is essential, because doing the tricks confidence leads to success. If you want to be a magician you need to practice more and doing tricks can pay off.

In order to get the right answers Insider Monkey has consulted various sites as well as YouTube videos and tutorials so as to get convinced the tricks are really the easiest ones. Lots of famous card tricks have been modified by magicians, therefore you can find many variations of tricks and their names, too. We have picked three card tricks from Insider Monkey’s article: Cardini change card trick; Rubik’s card, and Think of a card. Cardini change card trick was mentioned for the first time by a renowned Australian magician called Jean Hugard, who explained it in one of his numerous publications on magic tricks, the Card Manipulations No. 3. This trick is really worth practicing, although it requires a bit of concentrated practice. The second one, Rubik’s card trick is named this way because its solution is very similar to Rubik’s cube. According to creators it was developed from the trick called Order from chaos. IT consists of preparing the deck in a way that you arrange a certain number of cards before starting the trick without your audience knowing. At last but not least we mention the trick Think of a card. This is an evergreen trick I think there is no one who would know it. This doesn’t require any special techniques, only good memory and perception.

For any further amazing tricks, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the easiest card tricks to learn in the world.

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