11 Easiest Countries to Disappear in

From time to time we all want to disappear off the face of the Earth. If you are serious in your intentions, here are 11 easiest countries to disappear in.

Before we go one, I have to make a statement. This text isn’t about helping fugitives to run off and not get punished for their deeds, even though it might help in this matter as well. This text has more informative naïve matter and it is mostly for the people who are just sick of their surroundings and want to start a new life somewhere far away.


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We are aware that not all people like to socialize. There is a term for these people and that’s introverts. They are just people for themselves and just get uncomfortable by being around and touched and talked to by people who know them. Sometimes this issue goes even further and some of them even have panic attacks. I mean, I love hanging out with different people, but even I started losing my breath when I went to the underground party where I was literally stuck with people and ending up passed out on the floor.

However, not everything regarding this text is linked to being an introvert or an extrovert. Some people just simply want to go somewhere far away and start from scratch. When we are saying these kind of things to others, they are usually like ‘So what? Get some time off and go on a weekend in some hotel and don’t answer your calls. Until Monday, you will be reborn!’

Believe it or not, no matter how simple it sounds, it isn’t always like that. Sometimes we find our lives and surrounding so unacceptable that we just want to go away and never look back. In that case, there are usually two things that hold us back: the scare and the law.

No matter how determined we are to go, we are sometimes not capable to go blind, without having a job or the apartment already waiting for us. We are aware that we will be there on our own with having no one familiar around to help us out in the time of need. And, let’s face it, we all like to see a familiar face from time to time.

The second issue is the law since not every country is willing to give the access to foreigners to live there without some strong reason. This is why there are many marriages between people from different countries and cultures in general.
We can’t help you out with the fear. But at least we can give you the access to 11 easiest countries to disappear in by Insider Monkey. Check them out and pack your bags.

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