11 Easiest Electric Guitar Solos That Sound Good

Hey Slashes of today, that learned just a few riffs, take a look at these 11 easiest electric guitar solos that sound good and impress yourselves and people around you. If you don’t have a band, don’t give up because, as the headline says, these are the solos.

The electric guitar is the one really cool instrument that makes just awesome sounds. It is usually played by bad boys and hard-core girls,  which is why usually electric guitar players in a band (both male and female) have the most groupies following them!


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Although it might seem like extremely hard instrument to play, the real pros and even beginners say exactly the opposite. Yes, I know what you are all going to say: everyone says that the thing they are really good at is a piece of cake, although it actually isn’t.

For people like myself, that are used to keyboards, the guitar really seems like a hard instrument to play. But let’s look up on the Internet a bit. How many videos of toddlers playing the guitar can you find? And no, those are not wunderkinds. Every child can do it. And if a child can, why adults couldn’t?

Of course, you can’t expect to play like Slash as soon as you get your hands on an electric guitar and learn a few riffs. But, if you know the basics, it will be a piece of cake for you to learn how to play these 11 easiest electric guitar solos that sound good.

Surprisingly, for making this list, no expert had to be consulted and no one had to scroll through millions of different websites to find them. The YouTube was the great source in this matter, of course, along with some other, famous websites such as Guitar Habits and similar websites. But do you know what the best part throughout the creation of this list was? Insider Monkey did not just create the great list of 11 easiest electric guitar solos that sound good, but they also managed to track down the best tutorials for each song individually. So now, when you enter the list, besides seeing the song title, you will also have the tutorial at once.

If you don’t play in any band, or this electric guitar lessons you take either with a tutor or by yourself is only for your soul, here are 11 easiest electric guitar solos that sound good  by Insider Monkey to learn and salute to yourself!

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