11 Easiest Gigs To Do on Fiverr

If you are looking into taking some easy money for some freelancing job, but you aren’t sure that you have any skills needed, why don’t you try with some of 11 easiest gigs to do on Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of the easiest and best online platforms for freelancers. It is especially convenient for people who already have jobs and need some extra cash aside, or anyone else who can’t be available for customers 24/7. The process is very simple. First of all, you make a gig, where you describe the service that you are offering to clients, put the price that should be $5 for the basic package, but you can also add some additional packages that, of course, will be charged more.

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Let me explain. Let’s say that your gig is related to writing articles. The basic package can be $5 for 500 words article. Of course, you can make this number a bit higher because almost everyone is putting it like this, so, instead of 500, you can go with something like 700 or 800. The due date that you are setting should be the longest, so that can be between 5 and 7 days.
The next package should be more expensive, but offer more services for the shorter due date. That could be $10 for 1,000 or 1,200 words to be done within 4 to 5 days.
The last package should be exclusive and set for at least $15 and set up for around 2 to 4 days for around 1,500 to 2,000 words.

And how to find the right gig for you? This actually depends only on you. Fiverr gives you a lot of options and different features to choose. You can go from making a fool of yourself to programming and all depends on your skills and personal interests. When I first started working on this platform, I made several gigs and, to be honest, only one was a success. I applied as an article writer, PowerPoint Presentations maker, and Q&A tester. The most successful were the one for making a presentation, but I wasn’t done and I wanted to do and learn as many different things as possible. The problem was that, instead of practicing a bit, I made gig instantly and got very bad reviews after it. Of course, I couldn’t apply for any other job and everyone refused to hire me. I thought for a second that I could to the transcriptions and, at the first sight, it wasn’t hard at all. But when a woman hired me to do the 1:40:26 transcription of the interview where I couldn’t hear the most of the words, I frizzed, but it was too late. I thought that I was capable of doing it by just transcribing clear voices and recorded songs and that I will learn everything else on the way. But the problem here is that Fiverr usually doesn’t offer you ongoing projects where someone is willing to spend the entire month waiting for you to learn something or teaching you to do it. Your customers want someone secure enough who can do the job right and save them up some money. So, if you are not sure that you have some particular skills, take a look at 11 easiest gigs to do on Fiverr.

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