11 Easiest Girl Dresses To Make For Beginners

Do you have a daughter who just loves playing with clothes? In case you do, check out 11 easiest girl dresses to make for beginners.

I was the kind of girl who enjoyed everything that had to do with art. I could have spent hours and hours playing keyboards or trying to write either novel or a poem. My closet was full of clothes that my mom picked for me and most of them were pants and shirts that even boys could wear. I had only two dresses and they were for special occasions only. Unfortunately, I wasn’t attending so many important events so both of them became too small for me quickly.

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On the other hands, my friend’s parents loved the fact that they got a girl and they gave the last dollar so that she could have it all. Every day, she came to school with some different skirt or a dress, she always had a new haircut and sparkly jewelry. While I spent my days studying or practicing my mental skills (or at least I believed I did), she spent her days changing her outfit in front of the mirror. She loved it. She was taught to be a princess and years later, I realized that I should have been too.

When I got pregnant, I couldn’t wait to see my baby. I didn’t care if it was a girl or a boy. I just wanted it alive and healthy and in my arms. Some unwritten rule is, as soon as you get pregnant, you just become surrounded by pregnant ladies and children. That’s when I met a woman and her daughter that always worn the same outfit. That was cute at some point, but it was too much. I also couldn’t believe that she managed to find so many different outfits in both sizes. As it turned out, she didn’t. She was actually sewing it on her own. Then, she sent me her Facebook page where she sold outfits for mothers and children and explained that this was the only source of incomes she had.  She started off with the hair bands, but on the way, she learned to sew dresses for her little girl and, after a while, she brought it to the next level and made some of these outfits for herself as well. After other moms saw it, they became intrigued and asked her to do the same for them. That’s when she realized that she doesn’t have to settle down for some minimum wage, doing some job just to survive. She could make the living out of it. And she still does.

And you can do it too. Or just sew some dresses for fun. Today, we are focusing only on dresses that require less material, so check out 11 easiest girl dresses to make for beginners.

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