11 Easiest Hikes in Glacier National Park

If you like hiking, keep reading about the easiest hikes in Glacier national Park. Insider Monkey recently published an article about this topic giving us some very useful tips. Hiking is one of my favourite hobbies. I take the leash one of my dogs, and we set out for the forest and mountains! My latest passion is collection mushrooms. Nowadays I frequently eat what I have picked in the forests. I can say that forest mushrooms are the best!

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Glacier National Park got its name, well obviously, because of glaciers, which have mostly disappeared since the end of the last Ice Age, some 12,000 years ago. Until the recent times only around 30 glaciers have remained (with the criterion that the ice has to exceed 25 acres in order to be considered a glacier), and that’s why many people wonder when will the glaciers in Glacier National Park be gone.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three of the easiest hikes in Glacier national Park.

The first one is Avalanche Lake.  Yes, we did say easy hikes are those up to difficulty rating of 5. But for this one we have made a slight exception, but, on the other hand it is also recommended by Crazy Family Advanture, so it is suitable even for kids. Once you go through a dense evergreen forest, you get out just to see a marvelous glacial Avalanche lake, with long waterfalls going down from the other side of mountains and into the lake. Surely an unforgettable scenery. The second hike is Redrock Falls. On this hike you will get to walk on the shores of Fishercap Lake, where you might consider staying bit longer. There are some great picnic spots and nice beaches, which is suitable for families and children, which is what makes this trail popular among easiest hikes in Glacier National Park. The last hike for today is Hidden Lake Overlook. Next in line on our list of easiest hikes in Glacier National Park is an interesting trail, because it is on open air all the time, meaning you will be mostly going through the meadows, but the bad side of it is that it is one of the most popular trails, so crowds are usual there, and hence another frustrating thing might be a parking place. And although you will go past some breathtaking sceneries and mountain goat habitats, you might reconsider this track if you don’t like crowds that much.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 11 easiest hikes in Glacier national Park

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