11 Easiest New Languages to Learn for English Speakers

If you like learning languages and you are planning your next one, you are at the best place now, as we have come up with Insider Monkey’s latest list of the 11  easiest new languages to learn for English speakers. Learning a new language is a laways a great challenge, so it’s really worth reading it.

As for me I love learning languages. The first language was Russian when I was ten, then I started to learn English, and German. At the university I proceeded to learn Italian, Irish Celtic, and as I learnt to be a theologian, we had to learn Biblical Hebrew, Latin and Biblical (Koiné) Greek. But that’s not enough for me, I would like to learn Spanish, Swedish and/or Norwegian, maybe Japanese.

What do you think? Is there a language that is the easiest to learn? Learning a language easily, depends on lots of things, such as your mother tongue (just to mention the most important one), ability to learn languages or the individual personal preferences. If you live in a country whose language is spoken only in your home country, you are used to learn languages in order to make yourself understood abroad. Its inverse is also true: those who live in an English speaker country generally neglect learning foreign language because they don’t feel it would be necessary. My mother tongue is Hungarian which said to be one of the most difficult languages, what’s more it’s not spoken anywhere else in the world, so we are accustomed to learn as many languages as we can, but at least English and German, as we have three German speaker neighbor countries.

Now, that I can speak several languages, and also have looked into lots of others, to tell you the truth, I can’t quite agree with Insider Monkey’s list. For example Italian got the fourth place on their list, and I must tell you that Italian seems to be easy at the very beginning, but as you go further it gets more and more difficult. If you want to speak this beautiful language in an elegant way you will surely meet several difficulties while learning it. But don’t believe I want to discourage from learning any language from this list!

So without a further ado, let’s check out what Insider Monkey have investigated for you about the easiest new languages to learn for English speakers:

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11. Portuguese

Well, here’s the first language on our list. It shows of similarities with Spanish, although it’s said to be more difficult than Spanish. The pronunciation is different from Spanish and means the biggest problem while learning it.


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10. French

It has always been a really popular language, so it has been taught in many institutes such as schools, colleges, universities etc. But don’t forget something: it’s not the easiest one on our list.

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9. Romanian

The Romanian language has got the 9th place on our list now, and it may seem to be strange that Romanian is also on this list. But it belongs to the Romance language group like Spanish, Italian or French.


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8. German

I learnt English and German too, so I can compare them. I must tell you that the German language is much more difficult than English. But naturally this doesn’t mean you won’t be successful if you start to learn it.


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7. Norwegian

Norwegian and Swedish are both in the Germanic language group, so they can be easy for you if you are English speakers.

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6. Swedish

Swedish and Norwegian belong to Germanic languages, and as a matter of fact Swedish and English have 1,558 words in common. I pursued jiu-jitsu for a long time. Once a Swedish master came to my country to hold a workshop. I was his interpreter, as the others couldn’t speak English. He just for fun began to speak in Swedish, which I mistook for English for the first ear. Then I realized it was not English, so it could be only Swedish. For the second ear it sounded like German. So, if you want to learn this language don’t hesitate!


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5. Danish

We are half way on our list of easiest new languages to learn for English speakers.  500 years ago Danish and English were much more alike than nowadays, but yet, the Danish language is much easier to learn, if you can speak English.

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4. Italian

Italian is on the 4th place on this list, as a language that is easy to learn. I can speak Italian, but I must tell you, Italian is easy only at the beginning. As you go forward, it becomes more and more difficult. But as it’s a really wonderful language, don’t be discouraged – try it!

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3. Spanish

As for me, Spanish is absolutely my favorite language. I like everything about it: its grammar, melodic sounding, really everything. Spanish is regarded to be as one of the easiest languages to learn. It’s part of the Romance language group like Italian, and Portugese. So if you are an English speaker, you will learn this language very easily.

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2. Dutch

I think Dutch is not an easy language, but in this list it got the second place. The modern Dutch language is said to have been derived from English, so it won’t be a problem for you if you try to learn it.


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1. Afrikaans

The first place is undeniably given to the Afrikaans language that is derived from Dutch and was transformed a little to be the the easiest new language to learn for English speakers. If you compare the two languages: English and Afrikaans, you will see that they have a lot in common: grammar and vocabulary so it’s really worth trying it.

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