11 Easiest Second Languages to Learn for English Speakers

What are easiest second languages to learn for English speakers?

English is very easy to learn and speak because we are literally surrounded by it. Each product we buy has to have the instructions and warnings in English, each official document needs to have an English copy, and the majority of shows are either English or American or translated in English. This allows Englishmen and Americans to speak their language wherever they go and they would be completely understood, which is why there is no big deal if they don’t learn some foreign language as well.

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Quot lingues calles, tot homines vales. This ancient quote stands for Englishmen and Americans as for the rest of the world. There is no any harm in knowing at least one more language. It is even desirable. The problem that everyone faces when it comes to choosing the second language is deciding which one to choose.

The most frequent question that every language student asks before he/she starts his/her first lesson is ’How much time do I need to learn a new language?’ There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Actually, there is no answer at all. There are three parts of learning: vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. Skills that you need to master are reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Based on those results, you can be sure whether you mastered new language or not. The time you need depends mostly on you, but the teacher is also playing a big role here. If he doesn’t know how to approach the student, there is no way that the result would be positive anytime soon. But you can’t only blame your teacher if you fail. You have the biggest influence in this matter. You are the one that needs to pay attention, you are the one that needs to practice, you are the one that needs to find more resources for learning from your own home. But, most of all, you need to be interested in that subject.

Do you know why children from all around the world master English that fast? Because they watch cartoons. But to understand the plot, you need to understand the words first. They don’t need books or teacher. All they need is a piece and quiet while they concentrate. One cartoon at the time and they learn both vocabulary and perfect pronunciation within a year. The only thing left for the teacher to cover with them is the writing and grammar, but since they hear people talking on TV in English, they can get used to talking properly in all tenses without a problem at all.

But what about English speakers? How should they learn some other language? Insider Monkey recently did a bit of a research in this matter and provided very detailed information on both studying methods and the languages to pick. To see the original article, check out 11 easiest second languages to learn for English speakers.

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