11 Easy Guitar Songs For Kids

If your kid expressed a wish to learn how to play the guitar, here are 11 easy guitar songs for kids to learn.

As soon as a baby is born, it shows signs of music lover. Within the first year of their lives, their parents realize that music toys or videos, or any other sound they can produce is the best tool to calm their angels down.


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During the second half of the first year of their life, children find their own way of making music. Clapping hands, hitting tables with their hands, playing with paper or a bag, and similar sound-making activities are their favorite way of entertainment in this period. As soon as they are old enough, they get the perfect present from their parents: a musical instrument. Most usually, those are drums. Although kids love them, most parents get sick of it soon because of all the noise they produce and look to find a way to get rid of them. Sometimes they succeed without any issue. Other times, they can just replace them with some other instrument such as a keyboard, or plastic guitar. After a while, child decides that he/she can make his/her own decision about the instrument they want to play.

Although some parents decide that it is their job to force their child into playing some musical instrument, others believe that it is the best shot to let their children make this decision on their own. If your child decides to start with the guitar, don’t try to stop him/her. In my opinion, it is far better for your mental health to let them play with strings but to kick those drums each day. If he/she loves it, let him/her be. Why not? If he/she decides to leave it someday, why not? You need to let them make this decision on their own.

If they already made the decision and their final word is the guitar, which song should they practice? Let’s face it. No child would be satisfied with only learning chords. Each of them likes to show off with the new song, but not everyone is capable of learning a new, harder song on guitar, especially the youngest ones. Of course, Smoke on the Water is always there to make it up for each mistake, but what after?

In order to help you and your child find the next song to play, Insider Monkey compiled the list of 11 easy guitar songs for kids. Check them out!

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