11 Fastest Commercial Passenger Planes in the World Today

When booking a flight, you want to book the comfort, safety, good service, and quick flight, in one word, you want one of 11 fastest commercial passenger planes in the world today.

Nowadays, when the airplanes are regarded as the safest way to travel and the service provided to all the passengers is extraordinary, people don’t really seem to be keen to chase for the planes that would reach their destination at the speed of light.

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And why would they? They have comfortable seats, stewardesses to take care of them, Wi-Fi network, and headphones, if they decide to sleep and rest during the whole trip. Personally, if I had to travel with the airplane, I would definitely choose the fastest one there is because I hate flying, I hate heights, I am afraid of thunder, and I would like to reach my destination as fast as I can. But not everyone is as paranoid as I am. Whenever I open some social network, I see many of my friends enjoying the fight, taking pictures of the sky and land, especially if their seat is somewhere near the wing.

Fastest planes are the best solution in case you are in a hurry. For example, in case you are visiting your family that lives far away from you and you can’t wait to see them. Or you don’t have that many days off and you want to arrive at the certain destination so that you can spend as much time as you can over there. Wherever you travel, when it comes to choosing between airplane and car, always go with the plane because, even if it isn’t the fastest one, it sure is safer than the car ride.

Speaking of safety, always check the safest companies. Many airplane companies have the license but not every one of them is maintaining the planes that carefully and frequently. Many times, the lack of the proper maintenance is noticed after a deadly plane crash and you don’t want your family to see your name put on the black screen.

The Concorde, the most famous plane that had its first flight back in 1969 and retired in 2003, is going to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its first flight by going back for a spin in 2019. Just to avoid being put in the second plan, a Denver startup called Boom is getting ready to test their first supersonic jet by the end of this year. According to them, the highest speed is supposed to reach 1,451 MPH, which is around 100 MPH faster than the initial speed of Concorde.

But, before they do, I need to say two things. First of all, why would anyone sane name his jet Boom? Who does it and why? Whenever I hear people talking about it, I always picture the greatest firework that the human race ever saw in their life! It doesn’t really sound trustworthy, don’t you think?
The second thing is, does it matter if it is for 100 MPH faster if the capacity is 60% lower? And, of course, it will be faster. I am a faster runner without 5 pounds on my backs. If there are 60 people less on the plane, it would definitely be lighter and easier to fly, you don’t need to be scientists to figure that one out.

If you are still into finding out what the fastest planes are, click on 11 fastest commercial passenger planes in the world today.

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