11 Free Dating Apps For Young Adults

No matter how young and attractive they are, some people get too clumsy when they need to approach someone, so they turn to dating apps. So, I decided to find out what free dating apps for young adults are available out there on Google Play and iTunes.

There is no shame in online dating. Although there are risks, there are also high chance that you will meet the perfect someone for yourself. Since we live in a virtual world, it came as natural that we also started dating online.


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These apps are perfect for people who are looking for a soulmate, one-night-stand, or just someone to hang out once in a while. The best part of it is that you are not limited only to the place you live in. You can meet people from all around the country you live in and even the world. This gets you the variety of options and no regrets.

I always imagined the life of our ancestors. Imagine having the arranged marriage or marrying someone from the place you live in just because he/she suits you the best of all candidates. And somewhere, across the country, there is a person that would have been everything to you. Someone that would be your lover and your friend, your partner and a parent to your child, someone that will make you do your best, someone that will remind you each day how perfect and unique you are. Someone that you would love to your last breath…

It sounds perfect, doesn’t it? And now, you are living in the era where that is possible! Ok, the truth is that behind some of those accounts is either bot or some psychopath, seeking for his/her next victim, but you should check that person before you decide on the next step. And even if you are afraid of online dating apps because of this, answer me one question: who guarantees that the person you met last month and started a relationship with isn’t a psychopath? Seeing them in person doesn’t make them pure, right? If you are afraid of all of that, what is left for you then? In that case, you will only be limited to people you have known your whole life. Some people that grew up with you. People that are like siblings to you. Disgusting, don’t you think?

If you are young and vibrant, ready for some new experience, you really need to take dating apps into consideration. At least for a pick. And even if you don’t like it, who forbids you to delete your account? And, if a relationship you started here doesn’t end up well, who cares? You will move on like everyone else does. But there might be your princess/prince charming waiting for you on the other side of the line. Why risking it? So check out 11 free dating apps for young adults that stood up from all the others like the best in their game.

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