11 Good Excuses to Miss Work in Advance

If my boss ever lays his eyes on this post, I want to emphasize that this one is only written for the fun of readers and that I have never used any of 11 good excuses to miss work in advance, at least not on purpose.

But the thing is, we all need some time for the rest. Some jobs allow you to have the weekend off, while there are the ones that, although do not require your presence at the office, do require bringing the work to home. The truth is, since the day you find a job, there are no real free days for you. You will either finish up everything you couldn’t because of the job or prepare for the job next day.

Pixabay/Public Domain

There are companies that have enough empathy for their employees, especially when it comes to their children. Even if you have some important meeting to attend, there is no way that your employer would forbid you to skip that one if you have to go to school just to pick up your child, and not to mention some crisis such as the illness or a death in a family.

On the other hand, there are companies that take your personal life for granted and they are pretty much ready to break your contract if you put your family first. Their favorite sentence, in this case, is ’’I have a family too, but you don’t see me walking away each time something happens.’’ You are usually given a choice: you are either a parent, brother, sister, son, daughter, or you are the employee. This is one of the main reasons the birthrate is slowly decreasing in some parts of the world. Even though there are many examples where people manage being both family and work people at the same time, there are the ones that are either too eager to have a career that they neglect their families and decide to give up the dream of having a family on their own or they decide to not waste their time on chasing the career and give up their dream jobs, but forming a family on their own and working for any salary that would provide their families roofs over their heads and have the time to spend it with their families.

But no matter how the company you work for is open-minded, there is no chance that any of them would give you a day off for no reason or just simple ’’I am tired!’’. They need a motive that is strong enough to cover you, but nothing too serious that you won’t be able to make right if you get caught in a fraud. Sometimes, these reasons are actually true and if your employer sees the importance of your calling that particular day, guess who would get a bit more sleep? And here are 11 good excuses to miss work in advance with only one advice: don’t challenge your employer with overusing these excuses because you might end up with the announcement that you don’t even need to get back to the office.

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