11 Largest Freshwater Lakes in India

Since India is struggling with pollution in water, Insider Monkey took some time to investigate what 11 largest freshwater lakes in India are.

We all say that we want to save our planet. That we want to provide better conditions for our children. Somehow, not just that we are unable to do it, but we also manage to make everything worse.

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In the ancient age, people traded their goods for other people’s goods. If someone had many farm animals, he would trade with someone who had many fields. People worked for wealthier people to provide food for their families that they got in touchable goods.

But after a while, people discovered gold and became obsessed with its worth. Nowadays, gold and money are more valuable than having a big farm. Instead of chasing for fields where we can plant crops and bread different animals, we chase for jobs that will provide us papers that will be somehow valuable enough to cover someone else’s effort and bring it to people that already have crops and farms.

Also, people found new ways to increase their businesses and that’s by hiring more people, buying or building factories and letting machines do the biggest part of the job. This really does make their lives easier, but what happens with the planet?

First of all, all the smoke and gases coming from those factories are destroying the ozone layer and causes the pollution of air. This brings us to at least two great issues: the global warming because there is no layer in the air to keep us separated from the direct sun and the polluted air that even trees can’t clean. Besides, in order to build all those factories, people tend to chop off trees.

The other issue regarding those factories is that all the junk and oil is going directly into the ground or the water. Of course, we now complain that we need to buy bottled water because the one from the sink is contaminated or dirty but do we realize that we are the ones to blame? We throw away the junk in the water. We drop oil into the water. We make it dirty.

While some parts of the world have strict laws against it, some other, like India, practically have no law regarding this issue, which is why the pollution is more frequent in this area.
But let’s put 2 and 2 together and find out about 11 largest freshwater lakes in India.

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