11 Least Stressful Medical Specialties and Careers that Pay Well

If you would like to start a career in a medical field but you are too afraid that, at the end of the day you will be needing a shrink, you should try out with some of 11 least stressful medical specialties and careers that pay well.

Being a medical professional doesn’t just require a medical degree. There is also a personality involved and years and years of practicing how to deal with people. There will be all kinds of people coming to your office, no matter which specialty you choose and there is no passing up on anyone. You will be a doctor and you will be obligated to treat everyone the same way from kids, to retirees, from single mothers working two jobs to feed her children to felons. For you, they are all same people.

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With each patient, you need to be calm and give them as much time as they need to open up their soul to you. It is in people’s nature to try to hide something even though it could do more harm than good and it will be your job to let them be. If there is no circle of trust, you won’t be able to treat anyone properly and, as you already know, it could lead to more serious consequences. Also, you can’t judge anyone based on anything. It doesn’t matter if someone came in wearing Louis Vuitton or came into ripped clothes. What does matter is what is wrong with them.

And be prepared to be asked a lot of question and to your judgment be questionable by both patient and their family. Usually, when people come in for a consult, they are scared to death. They don’t know what they are dealing with and most of the patient will consult the Google doctor to resolve their issues before they knock on your door. So, be prepared to explain to a freaked out patient who claims to have a skin cancer that it is only an allergy and do a series of unnecessary tests to calm them down.

Some patients simply can’t be saved so be prepared to call a time. You will be facing lots of tears, but prepare yourself for some accusation as well. People see medical workers as miracle workers who can save everyone, but sometimes mistakes happen even with the easiest procedures. Sometimes the body can’t even handle the simplest biopsy and that’s when close relatives of the patient step in to prove you wrong and at least verbally attack you. We both know that it might not be your fault, but everyone needs to blame someone for losing their loved ones. Sometimes, it will be a company the patient worked for that put him under a lot of pressure. Other times will be the driver of another car in a car crash. Sometimes it will be the government. But sometimes, it is all on you.

In case you are not good under the pressure, try out a career in one of the 11 least stressful medical specialties and careers that pay well.

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