11 Most Affordable Flight Schools In the US

Looking forward to taking your destiny into your own hands and fly over the rainbow? Well, I doubt that you will reach the rainbow if you have never flown before on your own, but you might if you attend some of the 11 most affordable flight schools in the US.

Personally, I would have to swallow the whole bottle of pills before I would even consider sitting in a jet, which, on the other hand, wouldn’t be safe if I would be put on a seat of a flight attending. This means that the only jets that I would ever consider controlling would be drones or foam planes with really weak battery because I believe in myself enough that I assume that I would kill someone even with it. Speaking of it, I recently got a drone. The small light one that was supposed to be controlled via smartphone. Can you guess where is it now? It run into a tree, which was 2 meters far from me and now it is dead.

Pixabay/Public Domain

But people say that there isn’t a better feeling than being in the sky, with nothing around you, just looking at the bottom and seeing your city from above and reaching the sun. They say it is freedom. They say it is happiness. They say that it is taking control of your life, especially if you are not pulling any strains down on Earth. But they also say that learning how to fly is neither easy nor cheap. Of course, there is always a way of proving someone is wrong, so we have here 11 cheap flight schools in the US. As I always say and I will always say, the more expensive doesn’t mean a lot better. Something that is $100 cheaper can be equally good or even better and I wouldn’t have this list representing to you if I wasn’t sure that these flight schools are licensed, thought by experienced pilots, where the safety goes first.

Of course, this information isn’t first hand because, as I already mentioned, I would rather die than get the control over a jet, but people from Reddit, Quora, and Airline Pilot Central seemed to know what they were talking about. So, after checking out these platforms and comparing the results, taking the price into consideration, the list was ready to go.

So now, without the further ado, I present you the list of 11 most affordable flight schools in the US by Insider Monkey.

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