11 Most Dangerous States in India

India isn’t just great kitchen and fully dressed people. Sometimes, it can be dangerous as well. If you ever think about visiting this country, you should know more about 11 most dangerous states in India.

Pixabay/Public Domain

To be fair, every country is dangerous in some way. The place where I live in was considered to be one of the safest back in the days when I was younger. On the other hand, a city that is 15 minutes away from the city I live in was one of the most dangerous places in the country. Lately, the situation has changed. Now, two girls got raped only a few steps away from the building I live in. In the Summer, a 27-years-old guy was shot in front of his building. One year ago, two guys in the early 20s’ got in the fight, one of them pulled the knife and got killed by the other guy in defense. As you can see, you can’t be safe anywhere. God knows how much money I spent only this month on cabs and buses because I was too scared to get out on my own, especially when it is dark outside. It is even worse now when the sun goes down before 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

India is not the exception. As far as I knew a few years ago, India was one of the countries with the most strict laws in the world. On the other hand, there were more murders and runaways from there because of some bad conditions. I also found out that the children and women are the unsafest group there, which was horrifying. I also happened to talk with a girl coming from there who told me that she doesn’t have any rights in the place she lives in. She was very jealous of me and the freedom I enjoyed and, when I tried to explain to her that, even though I have the same rights as any man in the country I live in by the law, it wasn’t always the case in practice, she just told me that I have the right to my own opinion and the freedom to go wherever I want. And I realized that she was right. Even if the law allowed her to get out of the house, have the proper education and the job, she didn’t have the right law to protect her safety. And it wasn’t only the case in the town she lived in. When you think about it, it sometimes isn’t just the town, but the whole state. And when it comes to India, these are 11 most dangerous states in India.

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