11 Most Popular Indian YouTube Channels in 2016

Do you know what are 11 most popular Indian YouTube channels in 2016? It seems that in India, a lot of young people want to be famous, and some of them are intelligent enough to monetize their videos, earning money while promoting themselves on YouTube.

As we’ve all noticed so far, youtube has become an everyday one and therefore attracts more and more audiences and changes the standards. Of course, it’s not just a music service and watching music videos, but much more than that. Although YouTube is a synonym for the latest hit singers and musicians, in recent years around the world channels have appeared that deal with various themes of everyday life, and which today bring together many audiences around them. Is it just a hobby, or is it possible to live from this one? How popular are such channels in India today and which are most popular? One of the most popular Indian YouTube channels in 2016. is Irene Khan. Irene Khan likes to spend Youtube earnings on traveling around the globe. Believe it or not, she has 228,996 subscribers, and her total earning is $58,836. Another one is MakeMeUp89. MakeMeUp89 is the channel where you can find all about makeup, fashion, and glamor. The girl from the videos also talks about her life and her daily activities. Did you know that Videos uploaded to YouTube account standards are limited to 15 minutes in duration? When YouTube started in 2005, it was possible to upload longer videos, but the 10-minute limit was first introduced in March 2006 after most YouTube videos made a video and non-copyright videos. A 10-minute limit was raised to 15 minutes on July 2010. Partner accounts can download longer videos with YouTube acceptance. An interesting fact is that in some countries, YouTube is completely blocked, either through a long term ban or for more limited periods of time such as during periods of unrest, the run-up to elections, or as a response to future political anniversaries. In other countries, access to the website as a whole persists open, but access to specific videos is blocked. In cases where the entire site is forbidden because of a particular video, YouTube will often agree to remove or restrict access to that video to restore service. Businesses, schools, government agencies, and other private institutions often block social media sites, including YouTube, due to bandwidth limitations and site’s potential for distraction

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