11 NJ Towns with Direct Train to NYC and Best Schools

If you prefer the peaceful area to the busy city life, but yet need to reach the city quickly, Insider Monkey have made a new research again about NJ towns with direct train to NYC and best schools. So without a further ado let’s check this interesting top eleven list!

There may be many of you who much prefer living in a small place and there are those who do need the neighbourhood of a metropolis. Therefore it’s a pretty good solution to move next to a big city so that you can reach the busy city life whenever you want to. If you dwell next to a metropolis you can enjoy the advantages of a small town such as less crowding, more parking spaces, peace and quietness and also have benifit of the city like excellents schools for your children, great medical services etc. If we compare the cost of living in NJ and NY, you can find it is almost the same, as both of them are pretty expensive.

For this time Insider Monkey will not talk about all the best places next to New York City, because it would be a much longer topic and it hangs on personal preferences. But they will recommend you some really pleasant suburbs just around New York, such as Jericho, Upper Montclair, and Ardsley. In their list, Insider Monkey’s first goal was schools, and they found that Jersey City is the best choice in NJ since there is the great McNair Academic High School, which was ranked No. 1 school in New Jersey in 2018.

Now let’s check the 11 NJ towns with direct train to NYC and best schools Insider Monkey have investigated for usPerhaps you will find some excellent ideas where to move and bring up your children.

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11. Glen Rock

Glen Rock was ranked one of the best places to live in New Jersey for its good schools, low crime rate and close vicinity to New York City, therefore it’s really a great place to raise children.

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10. River Edge

River Edge is a nice small town, where you can find peace for your family life. We mus’t forget to mention that the taxes here are extremely high, but as it’s in the proximity to New York City it’s not surprising. Also it offers direct trains to NYC and good schools.
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9. New Providence

New Providence is a borough on the northwest of Union County, New Jersey, it’s not a big town (with only 12,000 inhabitants), but if you want to enjoy a happy and comfortable family life it’s a good place to live.  It’s a historical town with its beginning in 1664 and it serves students with excellent education.

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8. East Brunswick
However small this town may be (with only 48,600 residents), but it offers direct trains to New Yor City and its schools are ranked among the best ones, so it can be a very good choice to live with your family.
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7. Chatham

Chatham is a town where it’s costly to live, but there are only 10,000 inhabitants so you can be sure that life is peaceful and pleasant here. We highly recommend this kind small town for you.

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6. Glen Ridge

Glen Ridge has a population over 7,600 so it’s a really quiet town to live with your family. It also serves direct rains to New York City which gets a high rank to Glen Ridge among the best places in NJ. It offers very good public schools for your children.

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5. Tenafly

There are some really excellent schools here so no wonder this town got the 5th place on Insider Monkey’s list. If you have children and you search a peaceful place, don’t be in two minds about choosing the town of Tenafly.

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4. Summit

 If you seek a friendly little town, then choose Summit with its  21,000 inhabitants, and you will surely find a nice town, kind people and great opportunities for your children. Its schools are among the best ones in NJ, and students can win 3 scholarships for high school juniors and seniors.
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3. Ridgewood

If you are interested in the best schools in Ridgewood, we will name some for you: Orchard Elementary School, Hawes Elementary School, Ridgewood High School,Travell Elementary School. They all give excellent education for children so that they can have a very successful life in the future.
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2. Short Hills

Families with children will surely appreciate this nice small town with its 13,000 inhabitants, also it is one of the best suburbs to bring up your children.
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1. Montclair

Montclair has got the first place on Insider Monkey’s list of NJ towns with direct train to NYC and best schools since it was voted a town with the best public schools in 2018. Additionally many people highly recommended this nice town, who chose it and settled down here.

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