11 Oldest Pizza Places in New York City

Pizza is one of the most favorite foods in the whole world, and there is no person that can resist it, so if you are from New York City do you know what are the oldest pizza places in New York City? The dish that traveled from Italy to America first lay its foundation in the city of New York, from where it slowly dispersed to other states and cities of the US.

Did you ever hear about Di Fara Pizza? The amazing thing about Di Fara is that its founder, Domenico DeMarco, is its only chef. He has been dishing out pizzas all day every day since 1964. Or for Rizzo’s Fine Pizza? It offers various toppings as well to go with its perfect slices of crust and has made a huge name for itself in the world of New York pizza. Ray’s Pizza’s is a tale that is wrought with controversy. Ray’s Pizza that opened in 1959 closed down in 2011. How much do you know about pizza? You think it is from Italy? Well, you are wrong. Pizza did not originate in Italy, as most people probably think. This worldwide popular and favorite “pie” was invented by the Greeks or Phoenicians at the time they mastered the secrets of flour with water. The original pizza was, in fact, bread or a cake that was burning beneath the stained stone and coated with oil with the addition of herbs. When a pizza was created, it ‘s hard to specify. Probably still in the Stone Age. The tomato, which today is the basis for almost every kind of pizza at that time, has not yet been discovered. Only in the 16th-century tomatoes arrive in Europe from America, and with the help of this vegetable, a pizza comes close to the way it is known today. In the 18th century, this tomato “cake” arrived in Italy, more precisely in Naples, and began to be produced and sold on the streets and squares. Finally called “pizza.” It was a very simple pizza that tasted more bread and soon gained popularity with the poor Naples population because it was delicious and cheap. In the 20th century, Italian immigrants related pizza to America. Today, every country, city have its version of pizza by traditionally accepted tastes. Pizza even got its day of the year, so on the 9th of February around the world celebrates the International Day of Pizza!

If you are from New York City and want to eat some tasty and delicious pizza, check Insider’s Monkey list of 11 Oldest Pizza Places in New York City and find out more about these places with the best pizzas in the town.

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