11 Tinder Dating Success Stories

These Tinder dating success stories that you are about to read are not spoilers or meant to make anyone grab their phones immediately and make Tinder account, but just to prove that, in the Internet world we live in, online love stories may come true.

I know what you are going to say. It is the Internet flu and the real love isn’t possible. Tinder and other dating apps are the cribs for sociopaths that aren’t capable of finding the right person from their own surroundings, psychopaths that want to lower their victims and make them suffer, a crib for losers that don’t know where else to go because nobody would ever take them.

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But let’s be fair, is it really that bad out there? I mean, I am still a traditional face-to-face girl that enjoys physical company rather than chatting and sending false pictures and making up profiles. Although, we have to be honest with each other, at least at the beginning, we all tell small lies to our partner. Not something that will change the whole course of the relationship once it is all out, but some small details that would make us more desirable. For example, cat persons might say to their potential partner that has two Bull Terriers that he/she loves these babies, even though he/she faints whenever pudle crosses their road. Unless they plan on making this person throw his/her dogs out once they start living together, it is completely ok to reveal the truth once you bring your bags into your conjoined home. If you plan on at least trying to accept them, of course.

But since we live in a virtual world today, meeting someone in person before chatting on some dating app is a rare situation. There might be the few guys out there willing to approach to a girl, take her number and calls her the next day for a drink, but, wait now. Isn’t that the same as the online dating? You still haven’t spoken to that person or got to know him in those few words, you only know how that person looks like, you don’t know how that person behaves when you are with friends and by yourselves, you don’t know about their families, ambitions, you don’t know anything. At least, when you look at someone’s profile, you can see their interests. The only difference is, when you go out to meet someone, you need to pay attention to your appearance, you have to spend your money on a cab and on several drinks.

So, if you think that meeting someone in the club is acceptable, you must agree that meeting someone via dating apps is acceptable as well. If you are still not convinced, read these 11 Tinder dating success stories that will prove you wrong.

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