11 Tinder Dating Success Stories

If you are skeptical about Tinder dating success stories, you really read this article. Without a shadow of a doubt our dating habits have changed a lot nowadays. We can find lots of apps with which we can find our partner. One of them is Tinder. If you are interested in a hookup, you should read Insider Monkey’s latest article about it. Dating is easy with these apps, but these kinds of dates naturally have pros and cons as well. As for me I have tried it many times (not Tinder), but the search was not successful, because there are lots of people who don’t want any serious relationship, just some easy one.

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How does it go on Tinder? If we see a photo of someone we swipe right and then we can start our adventure if the other person thinks the same. It takes just some few seconds. Manners and flirting have become easier and faster with these apps, as it saves lots of time. But at the same time it can be a little bit more dangerous as we don’t know who is behind a profile. Earlier we met everybody personally, so we could judge him, her for the first sight.

We have picked three stories from Insider Monkey’s list. The first story is Michale Tudda’s. He wrote that Tinder matched him with his ex-girlfriend about whom he can say only good things. Why did they split up then? Because of distance, he had to move to Japan. You see, this is just another regular love experience, nothing is messed up because it came out of “online dating”. Michael Tudda concludes that you can find someone great easily on Tinder, if that is what you are looking for (i.e. you are not just looking for someone to get her/him in bed). The second story is Andrea’s.  She never really had faith in Tinder, until she met Nathan. What is funny, is that at first he seemed far from the right person for her, because on his profile picture he was holding a baby, and she didn’t want to get involved with someone who already had kids. It turned out that the kid was his brother’s baby and he was just a loving uncle. To make the story short, Nathan managed to find a way to her heart by being different than all the other guys she met there – he put strong effort in their conversation, wanting to really get to know her. Even long distance didn’t stop them from functioning well, they both finished colleges and are still happy together. The last love story is written by a man. They both  swiped right, chatted only for a few minutes, and he didn’t waste any time – he asked her to meet him. She was the only woman he met in person on Tinder or any other online dating platform. And, apparently, it was a wise choice, as she is his wife now.

For any further interesting facts, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about 11 Tinder dating success stories.

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